ShareFile + RightSignature Licenses

The ShareFile and RightSignature application license bundle is available through the Division of Information Technology for K-State faculty and staff. The central IT-supported secure file upload and e-signature tools are bundled together into one license. Either portion of the application bundle can be used independently of the other.


ShareFile is a highly secure, cloud-based file storage, file synchronization, and file-sharing platform that can store and send encrypted files.


  • Host stand-alone, secure document upload forms.
  • Upload of documents - the form submission automatically places the uploaded document within a permission-based ShareFile cloud storage location.
  • Enable notifications to alert you of new or changed documents in the secure folders.


RightSignature provides you with the ability to securely send documents for electronic signatures. RightSignature does not offer a complex workflow solution.


  • Create or upload documents that need an electronic signature.
  • Designate who can sign a document, in any order.
  • Generate reports automatically.
  • Download files.

Licensing Fees

The license year begins September 20 and runs through September 19. Costs for purchases made during the year are pro-rated monthly.

ShareFile + RightSignature cost is $280/year

Upon completion of the license request, an invoice will be sent to the requesting department. Prior to provisioning the license request, payment must be made to Division of Information Technology via interfund voucher (IFV) or KSU Foundation check for faculty/staff licenses. The Division of Information Technology is unable to accept personal payment for these licenses. Within seven days of receipt of payment, individuals will receive an email notifying them that ShareFile + RightSignature is available.

Request a License

To request a license, fill out the Request Form.

Annual Renewal

In early September, the Division of Information Technology will send current ShareFile + RightSignature licensees a renewal invoice. License privileges are automatically revoked for non-renewed licenses.

Reassigning Licenses

ShareFile + RightSignature licenses can be reassigned to a different user through the remainder of the contract year. Use the Request Form to request a named license be reassigned.

Deleting ShareFile + RightSignature Users

No refunds are granted for the remainder of the contract year. Use the Request Form to request the deletion of a user.