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Mailing lists

A mailing list is a group of names and addresses used to send emails to multiple recipients. Emails sent to a mailing list are forwarded to the members (subscribers) of the list. 

There are four types of mailing lists at K-State:

Office 365 Contact Groups
Group of email addresses saved in your email client.

With a Contact Group, you can send an email to multiple people – a project team, a committee, or students in your course. Contact groups store a list of people or groups you want to send an email to. You can use a group to send the same message to multiple contacts without having to enter each contact separately in the message. The group will be saved in your Contacts folder. Groups that you create in your Contacts folder aren't available to other users. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create Contact Groups.

Outlook for Windows 2013 & 2016

Outlook for Mac

Outlook web client (Office 365 webmail)

Distribution lists
Basic mailing list typically used for group communication.

A distribution list has a K-State email address and is best used for internal, group communication. It is a no-frills distribution list; messages sent to the distribution list are then sent to members of the list. Lists can be set up so that messages sent to it are forwarded to another email address. This is often used for email addresses that are publicized for marketing or other purposes. Distribution lists were previously known as email aliases. The maximum number of email addresses in a distribution list is 200. If you need more than 200 email addresses, a LISTSERV is a better option. Advantages of a distribution list are:

  • Only the contact person can add/remove members; members cannot add themselves.
  • The list can be managed in eProfile using your K-State eID and password.
  • Can act as an email alias; messages sent to the list can be forwarded to another email address.

Also see Distribution lists vs. LISTSERV mailing lists

LISTSERV mailing lists
Advanced mailing list with subscription and privacy options.

A LISTSERV mailing list offers subscription, privacy, email limits and other options. Advantages of a LISTSERV mailing list:

  • Members can be added by the list owner or can self-subscribe.
  • Convenient web interface for managing list options and subscriptions.
  • Lists can be made public, making them searchable on the K-State White Pages.
  • Note: Requests for automatically updated LISTSERV mailing lists must be approved by ITS

Also see Distribution lists vs. LISTSERV mailing lists

Internal LISTSERV mailing lists
Mailing list used to email a selected group of K-Staters frequently.

An internal LISTSERV mailing list is good for when you need to email a selected audience of K-Staters frequently. Please note that fees will be waived for academic projects. There are two options for your internal list:

Auto-updated internal LISTSERV mailing list 

  • Updated automatically, at least once a week. (Requests for automatically updated LISTSERV mailing lists must be approved by the Division of Information Technology.)

Basic internal LISTSERV mailing list

  • updated at your request.

Note: Enrollment-based LISTSERV lists are no longer available. Instructors can still communicate with their students through various tools in K-State Canvas using the Inbox or Photo Roster to contact students via email or Announcements, Discussions, or Chat to communicate via the course space. Office365 provides the ability to set up an email group you could manage yourself, as another alternative. Contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@k-state.edu for assistance or questions about these options.

Request a list 

Note: Only faculty and staff can submit requests for mailing lists.