Distribution Lists vs. LISTSERV Mailing Lists

Distribution lists and LISTSERV mailing lists are the most common ways for mass email communication at K-State. They both allow for the distribution of messages among a group, however, there are some distinct differences that can help you determine which type of list best meets your needs. In summary, a distribution list is best used for simple, small group communication. It is a no frills email list. The maximum number of email addresses in a distribution list is 200. If you need more than 200 email addresses, use a LISTSERV. LISTSERV mailing lists let you configure the list to your needs and can be used for any size group.

Feature Distribution list LISTSERV mailing list
Can include K-State and
non-K-State members
Yes Yes
Designated list owner(s) Yes Yes
Manage list with eID Yes Yes, with your K-State email address and eID password
Open subscription option No, owner must add members Yes
Archiving options No Yes, messages can be stored and searched
Listed in K-State White Pages No No
Searchable in Office 365 GAL Yes, but IT Help Desk must turn it on Yes, but IT Help desk must turn it on