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Software in the Computing Labs

The PC and Mac software listed below is available in the university computing labs. Faculty/staff interested in adding course-related software should review the software addition policy.

Remote computer access to software in K-State computer labs is provided to allow students, staff, and faculty access to specific computer labs on campus from their home or other locations. This will allow the use of any specialty software installed on these computers. Please visit the Remote access to computer lab software page for more information

Windows software

Windows software
7-zipFile archiving and compression
Adobe Digital EditionseBook reader
Adobe ReaderPDF file viewer
ArcGISDesktop GIS program
AutoCAD (Media Studio only)AutoCAD 2018
FirefoxWeb browser
Flash Player (Adobe)Multimedia browser extension, for both Firefox and IE
Google ChromeWeb browser
Internet ExplorerWeb browser
JavaApplet delivered in the form of Java bytecode
MagnifierScreen-display utility for the visually impaired
MathematicaMathematical programming
MatlabMathematical programming
Microsoft Office 2016
  • Access - database
  • Excel - spreadsheet
  • OneNote - area for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration
  • PowerPoint - presentation
  • Publisher - document publisher
  • RStudio - free and open-source integrated development environment (IDE) for R
  • Skype for Business - instant messaging client
  • Word - word processor
Notepad++Open-source text editor
On-Screen KeyboardVirtual keyboard for the mobility impaired
PapercutPrinting software
PuTTYSecure log-in to Unix servers (SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP client)
PythonObject-oriented high-level programming language
RProgramming language for statistical computing and graphics
Read & WriteProductivity tool designed to support reading, writing, studying, and research.
Remote Desktop ConnectionSoftware for remotely connecting to a Windows-based machine
Shockwave (Adobe)Multimedia extension
VLC Media PlayerDigital media player (open source) for audio, video, and images
Windows Media PlayerDigital media player for audio, video, and images
WinSCPSecure file transfer between a local and remote computer (PC to Unix)
WordPadCreate/edit text documents
X-MingGraphical terminal emulator (access to K-State Unix servers)
ZoomVideo conferencing
ZoteroOpen-source reference management software

Mac software

Mac software
Adobe ReaderPDF file viewer
FirefoxWeb browser
Google ChromeWeb browser
Microsoft Office 2016
  • Excel - Spreadsheet editing application
  • PowerPoint - Slideshow presentation application
  • Word - Word processing application
  • OneNote - Digital note-taking app
Microsoft remote desktopSoftware for remotely connecting to a Windows-based machine
SafariWeb browser
Universal Access ToolsSeeing, Hearing, Keyboard, and Mouse accessibility tools (located in System Preferences)
VLC Media PlayerDigital media player (open source) for audio, video, and images
ZoomDesktop web-based video conferencing / collaboration software