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Technology Classrooms

K-State has more than 134 General Use Technology Classrooms (PDF). Basic technology resources are provided in the majority of classrooms and include a projector, laptop connection, sound system, and internet connection. Several rooms also include a built-in PC, DVD Player, document camera, and recording/video conferencing equipment. More information on the types of classrooms available is listed below.

All users must be trained prior to using technology classrooms. Personnel from the Division of Information Technology will provide training on the Manhattan campus. K-State Polytechnic and K-State Olathe also have staff available to provide training.

Faculty or departments that would like to request changes or have additional equipment installed must work with the K-State Technology Classroom Planning Committee. These requests will require at least six months of lead time for planning purposes and can be submitted for review by using the Technology Installation Request Form. This committee meets monthly and will invite individuals or departments to participate as needed.

Types of technology classrooms

There are four types of technology classrooms at K-State: basic, common, expanded, and studio. See the General Use Classrooms (PDF) list for information about the type and capacity of individual technology classrooms at K-State.

Basic technology

Due to COVID-19, these rooms will be equipped with a computer, camera, and microphone for Zoom video conferencing. All cabling in place is dedicated to the in-room computer. If the use of a personal laptop is preferred, the user will need to provide video cables for a laptop connection.

Examples: Seaton 162, Willard 115, and Waters 132

Common technology

Due to COVID-19, these rooms will be equipped with a camera and microphone for Zoom video conferencing. 

Examples: Leasure 010, Cardwell 102, and King 209

Expanded technology

In addition to the common technology, these rooms also have one or more of the following additional capabilities: video conferencing equipment, video or audio capturing equipment, enhanced interactive technologies.

Examples: Waters 231, Justin 109, Leasure 013, and Umberger 105

Studio classroom

These rooms are computing lab environments equipped with hardware and software that is unique to a discipline or related disciplines.

Examples: McCain 324, Dickens 206, and Ackert 219

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