The I-983 and K-State

Kansas State University is able to hire those on the OPT STEM extension. USCIS requires that we have additional information on file before the STEM extension can be recommended by the school.

Information for Optional Practical Training (OPT) 24-month STEM extension.

  • The extension period is for 24 months from the end date of the initial OPT period.
  • Employers must complete the I-983 Training Plan form. This form must be given back to the student to submit to ISSS before he/she can apply for the extension. For information on this form, please go to
  • There are specific questions that must be answered by the employer and you may not have that information so we are providing that here. For consistency, we are asking HR liaisons to complete and sign page 2 of the I-983 form. The supervisor of the student/employee should complete and sign pages 3 and 4. Page 5 is completed by the supervisor and student within the first 12 months of the STEM Extension and upon conclusion of the STEM Extension employment.
  • Page 5 will be blank with the initial form. It will completed while on STEM Extension (once after 12 months and the final evaluation toward completion)

Please take note and keep this information on-hand to use for page 3 and the I-765.

  • Number of employees at K-State - 4,850. This will be updated every year.
  • FEIN for K-State – 48-0771751
  • NAICS code – 611310
  • E-Verify ID: 261225

F-1 Students should contact the DSO (Designated School Official) at the university that issued the I-20 for OPT with additional questions regarding the STEM application or the I-983.