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International Student and Scholar Services

Permanent Residency

The following pages are provided so that departments and employees understand the policies that K-State has developed with regard to Permanent Residency. Although International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) may be able to answer general questions with regard to the Permanent Residency process and how it relates to H-1B status, the ISSS does not process Labor Certifications or Permanent Residency applications.

All labor certification cases must be prepared and filed by Judy Bordeau who has been authorized by the University to file cases on its behalf.  Please note, too, that Department of Labor regulations require the employer (i.e.  hiring Department) to pay for the legal fees and other costs associated with labor certification, without reimbursement by the employee.  The employee can pay for the other petitions that are filed for permanent residency, but cannot pay for the costs of the labor certification case.

Employees who wish to file a permanent residency case as an Outstanding Professor/Research (EB-1b preference category) must use one of the approved attorneys listed below as the attorney will also be representing K-State.

All G-28's, the form that will give permission to the attorney to represent K-State in a permanent residency case, should be sent to International Student and Scholars Services for signature.


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