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International Student and Scholar Services

Approved Attorneys

These attorneys have been approved to work with our employees to file the Labor Certification or EB-1B Permanent Residency cases.  These attorneys have been selected based on their familiarity with higher education institutions, successful past experiences with K-State, ability to work as a team with members of the University community including the International Student Center.   We would recommend these attorneys for other types of permanent residency cases as well.

Please note that only Judy Bordeau is the only attorney authorized to file Labor Certification cases for Kansas State University.

The attorneys would retain the right to accept or refuse individual cases.

For questions or further information, contact Maria Beebe at 785-532-6449 or pappy@ksu.edu.

Bordeau, Judy
Bordeau, Immigration Law, LLC
9303 West 75th Street, Suite 210
Overland Park, KS 66204-2212
Phone:  913-432-9994
Email:  judy@kcvisa.com

Schiller, William B.

Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd.
70 West Madison Street, Suite 4000
Chicago, IL  60602
Phone:  312-604-2642
Fax:  312-604-2643
Email: wschiller@hsplegal.com
Web Address:  www.hsplegal.com

Britt, Mihaela I.

Britt Immigration Law LLC
19 E. Walnut Street, Ste. G
Columbia MO  65203
Phone:  573-615-1180
Email:  miha@brittimmigrationlaw.com