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Influence Tomorrow

Our promise.  Any challenge is worth tomorrow's breakthrough.  Research at Kansas State University.  Watch the Video.
3D printed graphene video still

Light as a — graphene Powercat?

K-State researchers hold the Guinness World Record for the least dense 3-D printed structure. Watch it print.

Energy Harvest

Energy Harvest

When two materials rub together, the friction generates electrical charge in a process known as triboelectrification. Read about it.

Explore our capabilities

Biosecurity Research Institute

Biosecurity Research Institute

Addressing threats to global food systems.
Johnson Center for Cancer Research

Johnson Cancer Research Center

Forming Centers of Excellence that bring together K-State scientists of different backgrounds to attack cancer as multidisciplinary teams.
Industry Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

When you want the best results, you partner with the best. 
Innovation and Economic Development

Innovation and Economic Prosperity

Our land-grant heritage, established over 150 years ago, entrusted K-State with a leading role in economic engagement.