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The Indigenous Faculty and Staff Alliance

Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day 2017

From Erasure to Activism:
Restorying Indigenous Narratives

Monday, October 9, 2017

KSU Staley School of Leadership Studies
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Please see below for archived videos of livestreamed content.

Keynote Speakers:

Joseph Erb photoRobert Warrior photoHollie J. Mackey photo

Joseph Erb, MFA
University of Missouri, Columbia

"Lighting Paper
and Indigenous
Digital Stories"

Dr. Robert Warrior
University of Kansas

"The Persistence of

Dr. Hollie J. Mackey
(Northern Cheyenne)
University of Oklahoma

in Education:
Restorying Student
Outcomes through
Indigenous Leadership
and Policy Activism"

 → Download the Final Conference Program (PDF)

Keynote – “Lighting Paper and Indigenous Digital Stories”

Joseph Erb, M.F.A. (Cherokee)

Assistant Teaching Professor, Digital Storytelling
University of Missouri, Columbia

Joseph Lewis Erb is a computer animator, film producer, educator, language technologist and artist enrolled in the Cherokee Nation. He earned his MFA degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Erb created the first Cherokee animation in the Cherokee language, “The Beginning They Told”. He used his artistic skills to teach Muscogee Creek and Cherokee students how to animate traditional stories. Most of this work is created in the Cherokee language. He has spent many years working on projects that will expand the use of Cherokee language in technology and the Arts.

Keynote – “The Persistence of Indian-Hating”

Dr. Robert Warrior (Osage)

Hall Distinguished Professor, Indigenous Studies, American Literature and Culture
University of Kansas

Robert Warrior is the author or co-author of four books: American Indian Literary Nationalism (with Craig Womack and Jace Weaver); The People and the Word: Reading Native Nonfiction; Like a Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee (with Paul Chaat Smith); and, Tribal Secrets: Recovering American Indian Intellectual Traditions, while his journalistic work has included pieces in News from Indian Country, Lakota Times, Village Voice, C&C, The Progressive, and UTNE Reader.

Round Table – “Indigenous Activism in the 21st Century”


  • Robert Warrior (Osage) – Hall Distinguished Professor, Indigenous Studies, American Literature and Culture, University of Kansas (Panel Chair)
  • LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin (Diné) – Director of Multicultural Engineering Program, Kansas State University, Local Activism
  • Paulette Blanchard (Absentee Shawnee and Kickapoo) – University of Kansas, Environmental Activism and Climate Change
  • W. Patrick Kincaid, JD (Suhtai Tsistsista – Anishnanaabe) – CEO, Inherent Rights Agency, LLC, Sacred Site Protection

Keynote – "Self-Determination in Education: Restorying Student Outcomes through Indigenous Leadership and Policy Activism"

Dr. Hollie J. Mackey (Northern Cheyenne)

Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
University of Oklahoma

Hollie J. Mackey’s research examines structural oppression of marginalized populations in educational leadership and equity policy through multiple critical frameworks and methodologies. She is the recipient of the 2009 Harold F. Martin Outstanding Teaching Award, the 2013 D. J. Willower Center for the Study of Leadership and Ethics Award for Excellence, and the 2014 Jack A. Culbertson Award for outstanding accomplishments as a junior professor of educational leadership. She serves as the Associate Co-Director for the Barbara L. Jackson Scholars Network through the University Council for Educational Administration and the Director of the Title IX and Equity Consortium housed at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Mackey is also a member of the U.S. Department of Education's Technical Review Panel for the National Indian Education Study.

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Indigenous People's Day poster

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