Facility Services

Currently, we provide services on DNA and RNA quality control, NGS library preparation for various Illumina sequencing platforms, MiSeq and NextSeq500 based sequencing, DNA size selection, and PacBio sequencing. We also provide assistance in real-time PCR experiment design and setup.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Illumina Library Prep

We perform Illumina NGS library preparation from a variety of starting materials, including genomic DNA, PCR products, BACs, total RNA, and mRNA. These NGS libraries could be sequenced with various Illumina's platforms such as the MiSeq Personal System, NextSeq 500, NovaSeq6000, etc.

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Illumina Sequencing

Illumina Sequencing Technology, sequencing by synthesis (SBS), is a widely adopted next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology worldwide.

Agilent DNA & RNA Quality

The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer is a microfluidics-based instrument designed for the analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein samples using nano- or picogram amounts of material. Agilent's DNA assays allow you to automatically size restriction digest fragments or PCR, RT-PCR products, or NGS libraries.

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DNA Fragmentation

The Covaris is based on Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) technology and the technology yields precise and tight fragment size distribution.

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DNA, RNA, or Protein Quantification

Absorbance measurements made on a spectrophotometer includes the absorbance of all molecules in the sample that absorb at the wavelength of interest.

Blue Pippin (Sage Science) Based Size Selection

The Blue Pippin is preparative electrophoresis system for targeted size selection of biomolecules. Pippin’s disposable gel cassettes are precast with agarose. The BluePippin has the DNA capabilities of the Pippin Prep, plus the extra benefit of pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving and collecting high molecular weight DNA.

PacBio Sequencing

Our newest piece of equipment is the PacBio Sequencer, the Sequel IIe system.