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Integrated Computer Science

Integrated Computer Science

107 Calvin Hall
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About Integrated Computer Science

Computers are increasingly embedded into the most mundane objects of our lives, from coffee makers to cars, and they play increasingly important roles in our art, science, and society. Software and algorithms shape how we shop, communicate, share information, vote, connect, collaborate, and even how we think. The supply of skilled software developers has not been able to keep up with demand, and many of those who have the appropriate computer skills lack the key skills that a broad education in the Arts and Sciences supplies.

The Computational Core courses and elective courses, taught by the Department of Computer Science, prepares students to:

  • Use the most in-demand programming languages and software design techniques.
  • Leverage their programming and database integration skills to advance their career and contribute to their field.
  • Consider the cultural, sociological, and psychological impacts of the choices they make in software development.
  • Enter a wide range of fields with a solid core of in-demand computing skills.

These programming skills are paired with a set of Integration Electives that help students integrate their computational skills with Digital Arts & Humanities, the Cultural Impacts of Technology, and Moral Reasoning and Professional Ethics.

What sets this program apart from other programs in the region (and in the nation for that matter) is a computer science track that is pragmatic rather than theoretical and based on algebra rather than calculus. This leaves more space for students to attain skills and expertise in other fields across the university. Each student will work with their advisor to choose a Concentration in an area they find interesting. This can look like a minor, a secondary major, a dual major/degree, or a combination of courses from departments across Arts & Sciences.

The final Integrated Computer Science Capstone Project integrates what students have learned in the Computational Core, Integration Electives, and Concentration. Students will work with an instructor or the program director to create a project that combines everything they’ve learned from the ICS program. The project will exhibit the students’ talent as programmers in their area of concentration.