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How to Vote in Three Steps

What is your voting plan? Envision yourself voting and identify any potential barriers you might have or encounter. Some questions to ask yourself and others include:

  • How are you voting?
  • Where and at what time are you voting? Do you need to make sure you have time before/after class or work?
  • If using a mail-in advance ballot, do you know where to mail it or drop it off?
  • How are you getting there if you're going to the polls? Do you need a ride?
  • Do you have your necessary ID

Step One: Decide where you want to vote. Your residential address determines your polling place.

  • If you want to vote in Manhattan, register or update your registration using your local Manhattan address.
  • If you want to vote at another location (e.g., your parents’ address) register using that address. Nationally, each state has its own policy for registering and mail-in ballots. Learn your state process here.

Step Two: Check your registration status and get current. You can do this easily online. 

Check your registration here if you plan to vote in Kansas: https://myvoteinfo.voteks.org/voterview/

If you want to register to vote in Kansasyou may use either of the following links.

  • The nonpartisan website www.ksvotes.org offers a mobile-friendly app but employs a digital signature, which county election offices may have to compare with your driver’s license on file. If you choose to use this for registration, please sign carefully. 

If you want to register to vote in another state use the following link.

  • If you want to register to vote in another state, the federal registration form applies to all states but may require that you download, print, and mail it to your county election office. To get the form in multiple languages visit: www.eac.gov/voters/national-mail-voter-registration-form

Step Three: Be ready to vote.

Vote by Mail

  • When registering to vote in Manhattan, you will automatically receive an application for a Riley County mail-in advance ballot. Complete and return the form to get your ballot.
  • When registering to vote elsewhere in Kansas, you may need to apply for a mail-in ballot. Fill and submit the AV1 form to your local election clerk. In Kansas, all registered voters can vote by mail—no excuse needed. 
  • Nationally, each state has its own policy for mail-in ballots. You may or may not be able to use a mail-in-ballot elsewhere. Learn about your state process here.
  • The United States Postal Service recommends that voters who are voting by mail send ballots in early, at least one week before Election Day.

Request an Advance Ballot and Vote by Dropping it Off

  • You can request an Advance mail-in ballot by following the steps above.
  • Instead of mailing it back, you can return it in-person to the Riley County Office Building, 1st Floor, Rm B118. There will be a secure location within the County Clerk and Elections Office as well as outside of the building. You can return your advance ballot before or on November 3rd. You can also return it to any polling place on November 3rd.

Vote In-Person on or Before November 2nd