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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

Post Election: What Do We Do?

The Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy takes seriously the charge of helping to build democratic practices at Kansas State University. Because of that commitment, ICDD serves as a resource for individuals and groups who are impacted by the outcome of the November 3 election and the continued reverberations for the time to come. 

We encourage you to consider utilizing our Principles of Civic Discourse as you engage others about the election and our shared, democratic life. 

ICDD Principles of Civic Discourse (Download the poster)

  • Seek understanding and common ground.
  • Expect and explore conflicting viewpoints.
  • Give everyone the opportunity to speak.
  • Listen respectfully and thoughtfully.
  • Offer and examine support for claims.
  • Appreciate communication differences.
  • Stay focused on issues.
  • Respect time limits.

Resources for Helping Students and Coworkers Understand and Address the Post-Election Classroom and Workplace 

Living Room Conversations Post Election

Post Election



How to have difficult conversations

JMU Conversations

News Articles about the Outcome of the Election and Why Its OK to Not Know