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What to Expect this Election

Although Election Day is on November 3 this year, the general election is already well underway. In every state, voters are already casting their ballots and millions of votes have already been cast. Turnout is unprecedented and as states have worked to make voting safe in light of the pandemic, we have seen no major disruptions at the polls during early voting. This page is a resource for those who want to better understand the election process and why it is okay to go to bed on November 3 not knowing who won the election and feeling confident in the process. 

Below are resources to be more informed about the 2020 General Election and why it is important to realize the ways in which voting is a safe and secure process that requires times to ensure that it is accurate--not simply fast. 

To be an informed person and to ensure that you do not contribute to false, misleading, confusing, or intentionally disseminated misinformation, utilize this helpful guide from Poynter.

Resources for Understanding the Integrity of the Election Process 

Election Night Report


Election Trust Project


News Articles about the Outcome of the Election and Why Its OK to Not Know