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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

Facilitation Services

Groups and communities request ICDD assistance in facilitating public conversations on a wide range of issues. Examples include:

  • Public health: Flood and hurricane after-action forums, Hunger and healthy food access deliberations 
  • Arts engagement: Visual Thinking Strategies dialogues; Strategic planning for cultural heritage institutions 
  • Environmental sustainability: Water, energy, and climate change forums
  • Community relations: Safety and justice forums, Community conversations on race & reconciliation
  • Affordable housing: neighborhood revitalization, code enforcement, and community land trust planning
  • Active citizenship: National issues forums, deliberative skills development, voter participation campaigning

As a member of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, ICDD selects models or processes for facilitation that meet specific goals of public conversation, e.g. Exploration, Conflict Transformation, Decision-Making, Collaborative Action. Through consultation with ICDD, you will be able to identify the specific models and processes that help you reach your desired goal. 

ICDD facilitates public conversations for the Kansas State University community as well as communities and organizations beyond the university. To request professional facilitation services, please email icdd@k-state.edu.

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