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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

Resources for Public Engagement

ICDD's mission is to build community capacity for informed, engaged, civil deliberation. Our vision is stronger democracy through enhanced public deliberation. There are many resources for having informed public deliberation. Below are resources from national partners as well as ICDD's own discussion guides used in Kansas communities.

National Discussion Resources

At the heart of a strong democracy is an active citizenship. To be an informed and engaged citizen invites the opportunity to participate in civil deliberation with others. To make this possible, ICDD shares resources from partner organizations that have developed discussion materials. This includes the National Issues Forums Institute and the Interactivity Foundation. There are topical discussion guides as well as process guides.

Interactivity Foundation


ICDD Discussion Guides

Campus Carry: How Will Concealed Carry on Campus Affect Us? What Should Be Done?

Campus Carry Discussion Guide



Health of Kansas Reservoirs - Milford Lake Discussion Framework

Healthy Kansas Reservoirs - Milford Lake



ICDD Resources

ICDD offers resources to faculty, students, and community for enhancing the practices of democratic engagement through:

Facilitation Services

Facilitator Workshops and Trainings 

Academic Courses




Visit the Media page for videos produced by ICDD or about ICDD work.