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Kansas Civic Life Project

Kansas Civic Life Project

Resources for Educational Training in Civic Discourse

Being able to engage others through dialogue and deliberative in public discussion means being able to utilize the necessary resources to better understand how to explore issues together. 

The follow resources have been developed specifically for the Kansas Civic Life Project (KCLP) and you are encouraged to utilize these materials as helpful. ICDD staff are available to provide individualized learning opporutnities for communities to be introduced to civic discourse and how it can help you and your fellow community members understand and address challenges you face, together. 

Ground Rules for Civic Discourse - These ground rules provide an essential starting point for any public discussion. 

Community Snapshot - This framework provides a usable resource for thinking about your community "by the numbers" that can ground and inform community discussion in fact-based information. Included here is an overview of of the Snapshot resource. For the full resource, contact ICDD to set up a workshop opportuntiy. 

Facilitating Discussion: An Introduction to Guiding Public Dialogue - This document helps introduce public discussion and how to faciltate a range of public discussion processes. 

Facilitation Workshop