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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy


ICDD conducts research on themes of civic discourse, public dialogue and deliberation, civic learning, and democracy--in higher education and communities. Links below include research conducted by ICDD staff, associates, and affiliates. 

ICDD's current primary research program is the Kansas Civic Life Project (KCLP) funded by the Sunflower Foundation. The KCLP attempts to 1) understand and assess the ways in which various individuals, organizations, and communities across the state are using public engagement approaches rooted in dialogue and deliberation models and 2) build local infrastructure in Kansas to better understand and use civil discourse. To accomplish the first goal, the KCLP utilizes a nationally recognized set of processes and models identifying the various streams of engagement being utilized in Kansas in order to help cultivate localized infrastructure to introduce and cultivate civil discourse as a civic practice impacting communities and their ability to understand and address complex issues. You will hear more about the second phase in the near future as it will potentially align with some of your ongoing community-based work using dialogue and deliberation.

 In order to encourage and develop civil discourse in Kansas, it is important to first understand what is currently taking place and to capitalize on the efforts to date. To do so, KCLP utilizes kumu, a recognized data visualization program that will enable us to map and categorize the people and organizations using a diverse range of processes, models, and approaches.

If you engaged in this type of public engagement using dialogue and/or deliberation, please complete the questionnaire at this link so we can add you to the public map of practitioners in Kansas creating a more robust and engaging civic life.