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Visual Thinking Strategies

VTS Facilitator TrainingStorytelling and art-based approaches to leadership provide a unique opportunity for youth to tap into their own cultural pride and resilience while being agents of positive change in their cultural communities. The following Stories Matter series, Conversation Boot Camp, Community Conversations, and Visual Thinking Strategies, addresses the cultural needs of historically underrepresented communities.

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a facilitation method that fosters collaborative, inclusive, community-building dialogue. VTS has the power to change the way we relate to others. Currently, VTS is used in a collaborative project of ICDD, K-State Research and Extension 4-H, and the Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University.

VTS is a facilitated discussion where participants are asked a series of questions that guide them through viewing art. In this way, multiple interpretations are shared and analyzed by the group. Participants will be trained to facilitate these discussions. We are working to integrate this activity with Community Conversations as a way to get participants sharing and listening to differing perspectives. 

To learn more, read about this program here. If you are interested in getting involved with ICDD and being trained in VTS, please email icdd@ksu.edu or Aliah Mestrovich Seay at aliah@ksu.edu. 

To participate in Visual Thinking Strategies facilitator training opportunities, sign up by visiting the link below. 


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