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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

Certificates and Degrees

ICDD, as part of the Department of Communication Studies, offers undergraduate and graduate courses that integrate dialogue and deliberation in classroom learning opportunities. A number of courses allow students to complete academic programs grounded in democratic principles and practices. A new undergraduate program in facilitation will be unveiled before the beginning of courses in Fall 2020. 

For those interested in academic offerings, the links below offer more information about the options available to individuals. 

Programs Through Communication Studies 

Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement: (Graduate certificate) Leading diverse groups through change is a key competency in today’s communities and organizations. The 12-credit hour DDPE program focuses on theories and practices of engaging diverse stakeholder groups. This program counts toward the Master’s degree in Communication Studies if a graduate student want to pursue an MA as well as the DDPE Certificate. You can also complete the DDPE through Global Campus

Leadership Communication PhD:  This interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy degree is rooted in democratic leadership practices and communication processes used to make progress on the most difficult challenges of our times. The program includes a focus on public deliberation, dialogue, and conflict resolution among other approaches. Through the study and practice of leading change, students will produce original research that is grounded in community-engaged scholarship.

Programs Outside of Communication Studies

Conflict Resolution: (Graduate and Undergraduate certificates)  This program is aimed at developing students’ skills and understanding of essential mediation and conflict management strategies.  Conflict transformation is one of four Engagement Streams of Practice outlined by the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.  ICDD promotes the professionalism of conflict resolution as an essential community asset for democratic engagement.