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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

Multiple Pathways for Learners

Learning is not only found in classrooms, yet the image we often have come to mind is something akin to a lecture hall. ICDD supports education that is engaging and impactful for individuals, communities, and society. So in this sense, learning occurs on places on campus and in communities. ICDD plays a role in cultivating and sustaining multiple learning opportunities for Kansas State University students, faculty, and staff, in addition to all people in Kansas. ICDD seeks to fulfill the land-grant mission of engaging people through educational learning opportunities.

There are multiple curricular and, co-curricular, and informal opportunities for learning the theories and practices of civic discourse. Group training in advance of community conversation events and projects is offered by ICDD, along with professional consultation on process models to meet specific public engagement goals. Individuals seeking professional development, to hone specific facilitator skills, or practice with process models can join a training workshop or an informal workout with other practitioners. 

Students can gain experience by practice with campus peer groups organizing events such as Wildcat Dialogues and #KSUnite. Youth and adults can participate in Extension Workshops in facilitation.

Certificates and degrees exploring civic life, civic engagement, deliberative democracy, and leadership are available for graduate students and professionals seeking to better understand the theory and practice of public engagement through dialogue and deliberation.

There are also numerous classroom examples of learning about civic discourse through experience. One example comes from the Kansas Kitchen Table, a project within Communication Studies courses such as Small Group Discussion Methods (COMM 326) and Communication and Democracy (COMM 545). For a longer list of curricular offerings, visit Civic Discourse and Democracy Courses

Classroom learning
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