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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

ICDD Associates and Affiliates

Campus Associates

Department/Division, Position

Nancy Daniels

Extension, Community Vitality Associate

Linda Duke

Beach Museum of Art, Director

Larry Erickson

Center for Hazardous Substance Research, Director

Joab Esamwata

Sociology, Graduate Student

Scott Finkeldei

Office of Mediated Education, Interim Director 

Huston Gibson

Landscape Architecture and Regional and Community Planning, Associate Professor

Wendy Griswold

Center for Hazardous Substance Research, Project Manager

Soo-Hye Han

Communication Studies, Associate Professor

Scott Heise

Communication Studies, Graduate Student

Jessica Kerr

Academic Achievement Center, Academic Coaching Director

Katie Kingery-Page

Architecture, Planning and Design, Associate Dean

Brandon Kliewer

Staley School of Leadership Studies, Associate Professor
Colene Lind

Communication Studies, Associate Professor

Lorenza Lockett

Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work, Assistant Professor

Bonnie Lynn Sherow

History, Associate Professor

Roberta Maldonado-Franzen

Staley School of Leadership Studies, Instructor

Phillip Marzluf

English Department, Associate Professor

Aliah Mestrovich Seay

Extension 4-H Youth Development, Culture and Communication Skills Development

Becky O'Donnell

Architecture, Planning and Design, Project Coordinator

Greg Paul

Communication Studies , Department Head

Kerry Priest

Staley School of Leadership Studies, Associate Professor

Trudy Rice

Extension, Community Vitality Associate

William Richter

Political Science (Emeritus Professor)

Susmita Rishi

Landscape Architecture and Community and Regional Planning, Assistant Professor

Bill Schenck-Hamlin

Communication Studies (Emeritus Professor)

Kathrine Schlageck

Beach Museum of Art, Associate Curator of Education

Carol Sevin

 K-State Libraries, Academic Services Librarian

Timothy Shaffer

Communication Studies, Associate Professor

Hayley Spellman

Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate Student

Tim Steffensmeier

Leadership Communication Doctoral Program, Director

Greg Stephens

K-State Polytechnic School of Integrated Studies, Associate Professor

Mary Tolar

Staley School of Leadership Studies, Director

Tom Vontz

Center for Social Studies Education, Director

Donita Whitney-Bammerlin

Management, Instructor

LaBarbara Wigfall

Landscape Architecture and Regional and Community Planning, Associate Professor

Jeffrey Zacharakis

Educational Leadership, Professor

Community Facilitation Affiliates


Carol Barta

Flint Hills Renewable Energy & Efficiency Cooperative 

Jaryth Barten

Kansas Leadership Center

Kevin Bryant

Manhattan Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Committee 

Judy Burgess


Joan Duggan


Ashley Fick

Johnson County Public Library 

Susanne Glymour

Manhattan Nonviolence Initiative 

David Norlin

TALK Salina 

William Pallett


Kolia Souza


Jared Wasinger

City of Manhattan