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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

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Our mission is to build community capacity for informed, engaged, civil deliberation.
Our vision is stronger democracy through enhanced public deliberation.

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Kansas State University 
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A Public Voice:  Safety and Justice deliberations

Public input from forums held over the past year in Kansas and five other states were presented to Congressional staffers at A Public Voice event May 9 in Washington, D.C. ICDD Assistant Director Dr. Tim Shaffer collaborated with other National Issues Forums leaders in this first phase of an on-going project to engage the public in discussions of community policing issues. View the discussion guide.  

Reconstructing Civility: 2017 Engagement Symposium

Modes of engagement were highlighted in a symposium addressing the problems of polarized public discourse, in the wake of a contentious election year. The event was part of Championing Civility Week at Kansas State University. 

Tim Shaffer : Deliberative Pedagogy Lecture

Dr. Shaffer, Assistant Director of ICDD, shares this webinar, originally published April 13th by the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE). Watch the 55 minute presentation, Deliberative Pedagogy: What it is, where it connects with community engagement, and why it matters, here. 

Reservoir Health Focus of Wakefield Public Forum

Concerns over sedimentation and blue-green algae blooms impairing water quality prompted high turnout at a public forum in Wakefield, Kan. on February 9. Read more about the ICDD collaboration with Kansas Association of Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE) here.