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Human Resources

Instructions for Leave Request for (Non-Exempt) Hourly Staff

This form needs to be completed and approved in advance of leave taken except for illness, in which case the leave request needs to be completed and approved as soon as possible.

Leave Request Completion Options

  • Complete Leave Request Form on-line and send request via e-mail to your supervisor by including your supervisor's full e-mail address in the "SUPERVISOR'S E-MAIL ADDRESS" box at the bottom of the form; Or,
  • Print the Leave Request Form: either complete the form on-line and print it, or print a blank form and complete the printed version in ink. If printed, sign and date the form and forward to your supervisor for their signature and date. 

Steps for Completion, Approval and Recording

  1. The employee completes the appropriate sections of the form and selects the SUBMIT LEAVE REQUEST (if completed online). Leave request forwards to the supervisor listed (and any department timekeeper listed) as well as to the employee. Multiple addresses may be entered into supervisor or timekeeper boxes if separated by a comma.  
  2. Supervisor approves or denies the request in the body of the e-mail or in the subject line or by signature on the paper requests and provides response to the employee (and timekeeper if applicable).  The supervisor must ensure that either an electronic copy or a printed copy of the APPROVED Leave Request is provided to the department timekeeper. 
  3. Department timekeeper records approved leave in the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). The APPROVED Leave Request must be maintained for documentation in accordance with the time and leave retention required (see KSU PPM Chapter 3090, Retention of Records). 

Explanation of Form

  • Name: employee name
  • E-Mail Address: your complete e-mail address (ex: almamd@ksu.edu)
  • Dates/Hours of Leave- Vacation and Sick Leave are recorded in .25 hour increments
  • From Date: First day of requested leave
  • From Time: Start time of leave
  • To Date: Last day of requested leave
  • To Time: End time of leave
  • Total Hours Requested: (Ex:1, 2.50, 4.25, 6.75, 8, 40, etc.) Leave is record .25 hour increments.  
  • Leave Type: Choose Just One OR Choose multiple leave types
    • For multiple leave types, list the hours and dates for each type within that type's box. 
    • Types available on the form:
      • Vacation Leave VAC
      • Sick Leave SCK
      • Funeral Leave FNL
      • Jury Duty JRY
      • Military Leave MIL
      • Leave Without Pay 
      • Discretionary Day DDY
      • Holiday Compensatory Time HCT
      • Other Absence
        • If other absence is chosen, please provide reason in Reason box
  • Reason: Reason for Leave or Other Absence (Ex: Disaster Leave DIS, Donor Leave DON, etc.)
  • Supervisor's E-Mail Address: (Required for online submission) Your supervisor's complete email address (ex: almamd@ksu.edu)
  • Department Timekeeper: Employees are encouraged to include the timekeeper's email address

After submission of an on-line leave request, the supervisor listed receives an email indicating leave request in the subject line. Example: Leave_Request_from_employee@ksu.edu

Purpose: This is a leave request.
Instructions: Reply to the employee's message using employee's eID to approve or disapprove the leave and send a copy to the department timekeeper.
Name: Employee Name
From_Date: 12/04/2017
From_Time: 8:00 a.m.
To_Date: 12/08/2017
To_Time: 5:00 p.m.
Total_hours_requested: 40
Leaveselect: Vacation Leave-VAC
Timekeeper: timekeeper@ksu.edu

As the email indicates the supervisor should reply to the requester to approve or deny the request for leave. The supervisor must ensure that either an electronic copy or printed copy of the approved leave request is provided to the department timekeeper. 

Questions regarding this process should be directed to David Brown, Human Resources at (785) 532-1448 or dhbrown@ksu.edu