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Department of History

March 29 Career Workshop for Students

On Friday, March 29 at 12:30 p.m. in Union 207, the Graduation Student Professionalization Committee will be holding a session on preparing for the academic and non-academic job markets. This is a process that should begin as soon as you arrive on campus and continue until you get a job. Angela Hayes from Career and Employment Services will speak about the many services her office provides to help you build the best possible c.v. and give yourself the best chance on the job market. Professors Defries, Kazemi and I will speak about what you need to do to prepare yourself for different kinds of academic positions as well as non-academic positions.

The History Department is moving toward making attendance at a certain number of these seminars a requirement as part of your progress to degree (at both the MA and PhD levels). It is in your best interest to attend this and future sessions so you have the opportunity to learn about all of the things you do not yet know about preparation and good strategies. We recognize that not everyone is on campus so we will be videotaping the session and making it available on K-State Online.

We look forward to seeing many of you on March 29. As it is lunchtime, feel free to treat this as a brown bag event.

Profs. Mulready-Stone, Defries and Kazemi

P.S. Future sessions will include:

- Presenting papers at conferences: why all graduate students should do this - Publishing: how to make your seminar papers publishable and why you should do this while still in graduate school - Teaching: effective approaches and pitfalls to avoid - Grant-writing: how to apply for in-house and outside funding for research, travel, etc.

And other topics. All sessions will be relatively informal and involve faculty presentations and Q&A.