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Department of History

Charles Sanders

Associate Professor

Charles SandersOffice: 01D Calvin Hall
Email: chassan@k-state.edu

Charles W. Sanders, Jr., received his B.A. from Louisiana State University, an M.Ed. from North Georgia College, an M.A. from the Naval War College and his Ph.D. from Kansas State University. His academic specialty is 19th-Century United States History, and he teaches courses on the Jacksonian Era, 19th-Century America, The Civil War and Reconstruction, and Manifest Destiny and American Empire. He also teaches the Department of History's Introductory and Advanced Seminars and the History of the United States to 1877. His first Book, While in the Hands of the Enemy: Military Prisons of the American Civil War, was awarded the Jefferson Davis Prize for New Scholarship in the Era of the Civil War. He is currently working on his second book, "Brawlers for Liberty"A Social History of the Battle of New Orleans.