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Department of History

David Defries 

Associate Professor

Office: 13 Calvin Hall
Email: ddefries@ksu.edu

David Defries

I study the Middle Ages in western Europe with side interests in Byzantine and Islamic history. I am primarily interested in the history of Christianity before the Protestant Reformation, especially the Christian cult of the saints in early medieval French and Belgian Flanders. My current book project, The Virtues of Memory: Saint Winnoc in Early Medieval Flanders, 700-1100, examines the roles that collective memories about saints played in establishing and maintaining group identities. Before arriving at K-State, I earned my Ph.D. at Ohio State University, spent a year researching at the Pontifical Institute for Mediaeval Studies in Toronto and taught at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

I plan to teach History 101: The Rise of Europe and History 567: Europe in the Middle Ages almost every fall semester, and upper-level undergraduate courses in the spring semesters.

Select Publications:

The Making of a Minor Saint in Drogo of Saint-Winnoc’s Historia translationis s. Lewinnae,” Early Medieval Europe 16:4 (2008): 423-44

“Drogo of Saint-Winnoc and the Innocent Martyrdom of Godeliph of Gistel,” Mediaeval Studies 70 (2008): 29-65

“Godeliph of Gistel and the Politics of Innocent Martyrdom in Eleventh-Century Flanders,” Hagiographica 15 (2008): 31-61

“St. Oswald’s Martyrdom: Drogo of Saint-Winnoc’s Sermo secundus de s. Oswaldo,” The Heroic Age 9 (October 2006), http://www.medievalists.net/2009/06/st-oswalds-martyrdom-drogo-of-saint-winnocs-sermo-secundus-de-s-oswaldo/

Courses Taught:

  • Rise of Europe    
  • Europe in the Middle Ages    
  • Ancient Christianity    
  • Medieval Christianity    
  • Seminar: The Crusades    
  • Saints, Relics and Miracles in Pre-Modern Western Christianity    
  • Graduate Seminar on Memory Studies