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Behavioral Ecology

Lizards of the Konza Prairie

Life history information and range maps from: Collins, J. T., S. L. Collins, and T. W. Taggart, 2010. Amphibians, Reptiles and Turtles in Kansas, 3rd Edition, revised. University of Kansas, Eagle Mountain publishing, Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Click below for more information - colored counties of range map are those in which the species has been reported.

Family Crotaphytidae - collared & leopard lizards

collaredEastern collared lizard

Family Phrynosomatidae - sand & spiny lizards

hornedTexas horned lizard

Family Teiidae - racerunners & whiptails

racerunnerPrairie racerunner

Family Anguidae - glass lizards

glassWestern slender glass lizard

Family Scincidae - skinks

gpskinkGreat Plains skink
npskinkNorthern Prairie skink
groundGround skink