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Human Capital Services

HCS Strategic Initiatives

Meeting Kansas State University's evolving human capital needs ensures the continued recruitment, retention and development of a diverse and highly skilled workforce that advances our vision and goals for K-State 2025. As the university further develops our human capital services, we are dedicated to keeping our university personnel informed and aware. Check back often for updates. 

Projects and Initiatives


Key PrioritiesHuman Capital Services has identified several initiatives directly tied to achieving our K-State 2025 strategic plan. Identified as key priorities, beginning in 2018 Human Capital Services will engage the campus community in several initiatives.

Initiatives In-Progress 


professional development needs assessmentProfessional Development Needs Assessment

The Professional Development Needs Assessment is meant to identify employees' and supervisors' professional development needs and priorities. Employee input will drive the development and design of training program offerings.


compensation total rewardsCompensation Strategy—Rediscover Total Rewards

Kansas State University is undergoing a comprehensive initiative to review our rewards systems. This includes a compensation structure redesign and the development of career ladders and paths for university staff positions.



Completed Initiatives

hiring process recruitment redesignHiring Process Redesign

HRIS Upgrade  (pdf)

HCS Liaison Network  (pdf)