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Human Capital Services

Career Paths

Career ladders and lattices are paths that assist employees to envision and understand the job possibilities that are obtainable as they move through a career. Career ladders and lattices are a group of associated jobs that make up a career. 

Career ladders show upward promotional movement between jobs. However, career lattices have both vertical and lateral movement among jobs. Career ladders and lattices often span multiple departments because movement within one department may not be possible.

Career ladders/lattices serve many different purposes and applications. Specifically, career paths seek to:

  • Incentivize current and prospective employees to attract and retain talent at K-State.
  • Showcase developmental objectives for employees.
  • Align the work force to show how jobs interconnect at K-State.
  • Create efficient work flows amongst employees who have a broad knowledge base.

Compensation Journey

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