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GSC and MAGS Awards for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence

GSC Award

Established by the Awards and Recognition Committee of the Graduate Student Council (GSC), the GSC Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence recognizes graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) who have excelled in classroom teaching and serve to promote awareness of the important contributions graduate students make to the scholarship of the university.

One master's student and one doctoral student is selected for this award each year. Each award recipient receives a $500 scholarship, and his or her name and department are engraved on a perpetual plaque to be displayed in the student’s department until the next award is given.
MAGS Award

The recipients of the GSC teaching award serve as Kansas State University's nominees for the annual Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Excellence in Teaching Award. These nominees compete for a $750 honorarium that is presented at the annual MAGS meeting in April. One master’s student and one doctoral student are selected for the MAGS award.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for the GSC and MAGS teaching awards, a graduate student must be on a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) appointment and must be enrolled as a graduate student at K-State during the 2020 calendar year.

Nomination Materials

Below are nomination materials and instructions based on last year's requirements and deadlines for the MAGS awards. Requirements for this year's MAGS award have not yet been posted. We do not anticipate major changes from last year, but the final nominees for the MAGS award may be requested to make changes to their nomination materials if there are changes in the requirements and guidelines for this year's MAGS award. 

Nomination deadlines for 2020-2021 academic year
30 SeptNominations must be submitted by Department Heads/Chairs to respective College Deans' offices. Each department may nominate one master's student and one doctoral student. View a list of points of contact for each college.

12 Oct

College Deans/Associate Deans must submit nominations to the Graduate School, 113-119 Eisenhower Hall, Attn. Megan Miller, or materials may be submitted electronically via email to mmmiller@ksu.edu

With the exception of the College of Arts and Sciences, each College may select one master's student nominee and one doctoral student nominee. The College of Arts and Sciences may nominate three master's students and three doctoral students.
30 Oct

Award recipients will be selected by the awards selection committee, which will be composed of at least three graduate faculty members and at least two graduate students.


KSU nominations for the MAGS award must be submitted by the Dean of the Graduate School to the MAGS Award Selection Committee.

Previous GSC Teaching Award recipients

*MAGS award recipient

YearAward Recipients

Tucker Jones, PhD, Psychology

Katie Cline, MA, English


Nick Barts, PhD, Biology

Susanna Millsap, MA, English


Sarah Kuborn, PhD, Human Ecology

*Catherine Williams, MA, English


*Amanda Martens, PhD, Psychological Sciences

Allyson Koziol, MA, English


Chelsea Schnabelrauch Arndt, PhD, Psychological Sciences

*Katrina Hanna, MA, Communication Studies


Whitney Jeter, PhD, Psychological Sciences

Pablo Guiermo Coll, MS, Physics


*Jaimee Hartenstein, PhD Human Ecology

Kyleen Kelly, MA, Geography


*Tammy Sonnentag, PhD, Psychological Sciences

*Jared Pfeiffer, MFA, Art


Santosh Ghimire, PhD, Mathematics

Robert Sparrow, MS, Hospitality Management & Dietetics


Acknowledgments: Funding for the GSC Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence has been provided by the offices of the President and Provost.


Questions about the nomination process for this award may be directed to Megan Miller, mmmiller@ksu.edu, 532-6191.