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Graduate study requires high academic achievement, and it will extend your experience and capabilities within the advanced, specialized areas of your chosen field. A common objective is to develop the capacities you will need for independent study and research, since research is the mode of learning at the limits of knowledge. All doctoral programs and most master's programs develop your capacities through advanced course work and through original research under the direction of faculty members who are experts in their fields.

A crucial part of the process involves preparing and publishing your research study in the form of a thesis or dissertation and defending it before the faculty. In some professional master's programs the emphasis is on preparing you for professional practice, and although you will develop a thorough understanding of research and research methodology, you may choose a non-thesis option.

Students pursuing graduate studies are enrolled in the Graduate School and are subject to the policies of the University's graduate faculty as well as the regulations of their specific programs.

All students at Kansas State University, including graduate students, are responsible for following the KSU honor pledge described in the Honor System. Learn more about your responsibilities as a student.