Graduate Student Council Meetings

Graduate student organizations are strongly encouraged to send a representative to each GSC monthly meeting in order to keep their organization informed about GSC events and opportunities. GSC meetings also provide student groups an opportunity to connect with each other, share ideas, and engage in discussion on current topics as they related to graduate student life. All graduate students are welcome to attend the monthly GSC meetings.

2021-2022 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held from noon - 1:00pm. Attend in-person or by Zoom.

Join by Zoom

Zoom room for GSC meetings:
You must sign-in to Zoom to access the meeting. See instructions on signing in to Zoom through K-State single sign on (SSO).

Meeting Date Location Agenda
February 7 This meeting will be fully on Zoom.
March 7 121 Eisenhower Hall
April 4 121 Eisenhower Hall
May 2 121 Eisenhower Hall

Meeting Minutes

December 2021 (pdf)
November 2021 (pdf)
October 2021 (pdf)
September 2021 (pdf)
May 2021 (pdf)
April 2021 (pdf)
March 2021 (pdf)
February 2021 (pdf)