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Graduate School

Extracurricular opportunities

Graduate Student Council

Graduate Student Council includes graduate students from all areas of study. The council provides workshops and forums to enhance student professional development. It promotes interdisciplinary activities and sponsors a research forum each fall and spring.

Cultural opportunities

Lectures and seminars

The university offers several lectures and seminars throughout the year.

McCain Auditorium

McCain Auditorium is the cultural center for performance arts and numerous campus entertainment activities. All shows are open to the student population and the general public.

Learn more about event and ticket information.

Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art

The Beach Museum of Art features more than 1,500 works of art from across Kansas and the Midwest as well as the university's permanent art collection of more than 6,500 pieces.

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance features a variety of student performances across campus.

Other extracurricular activities

Multicultural student organizations

Multicultural student organizations foster the development of leadership skills and roles for multicultural students on campus. They also heighten multicultural awareness in the community.

Some multicultural student organizations include:

The Office of Student Activities and Services maintains a list of registered organizations.

Recreational Services

Recreational Services provides intramural activities, recreational sports, and fitness programs for the campus.

Religious activities

The coordinator of religious activities provides information regarding religious activities and organizations on campus and in the community. Two campus chapels — Danforth Chapel and All Faiths Chapel — are available for student worship, weddings and private meditation. The Office of Student Activities and Services maintains a list of registered religious groups.

Union Program Council

The Union Program Council provides more than 150 entertaining, cultural, recreational and educational programs each year at the K-State Student Union. Some of these programs include comedy, film screenings, art shows, lectures, concerts, contests, carnivals, musical attractions and other events.