Contract Services

Hire geospatial experts to help with your research, scholarly and creative activities, and discovery (RSCAD) work.


GIS and Cartographic Contract Services

Have a project requiring spatial analyses informed by GIS methods? Need a properly designed visualization for your research publication? Want to develop an interactive Web map for your extension program? You want geospatial data, but don't know where to look? Reduce your project completion time by engaging expert help!

GISSAL research staff can be hired on a long- or short-term basis to support your geospatial research, provide expert cartographic support for your upcoming textbook, or to develop and host custom Web-based GIS applications...and more!

Charges vary depending on whether you are a K-State employee/student (see Internal Cost) or are an off-campus entity (see External Cost).




Product/Service Internal Cost External Cost Units
GIS/Cartographic Support $16.37 $24.56 Hr
Large-format Scanning $13.04 $19.56 Hr
Media Conversion $13.92 $20.88 Hr
Senior Consulting $65.76 $98.64 Hr
Data Acquisition Services $27.07 $40.61 Hr
Web Map Development $32.65 $48.97 Hr
Poster Printing $30.00 $65.00 Poster