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Department of Geology

Saugata Datta

Ph.D., University of Western Ontario

Email: sdatta@ksu.edu

Saugata teaches a number of courses in hydrogeology, low temperature geochemistry and water resources, and the occasional service course. His primary expertise is in studies on trace element and oxyanion migration and contamination in the environment, especially in groundwaters, urban air particulates, subway microenvironments, and unproductive soil environments using hydrological and geochemical tools including synchrotron spectroscopy. He has been recently active in research in geochemical implications of CO2 sequestration. He and his students travel to various sites in India, Bangladesh, and several states within USA. Saugata has been also working in delineation of areas of groundwater problems in Kansas and neighboring states.

More information is available on Saugata's personal website.

Dr. Saugata Datta