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Department of Geology

Aida Farough

Ph.D. Virginia Tech

Email: afarough@k-state.edu

Aida joined the Department of Geology in the fall of 2016, after teaching at James Madison University and Penn State-Harrisburg. She teaches Earth in Action, Natural Disasters and Hydrogeology. Her research is focused on fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media, particularly petrophysics and physical properties of oceanic rocks. Aida also studies seafloor hydrothermal systems and hydrothermal water-rock interactions. Aida loves to spend time at sea on research cruises. In 2018, she spent 85 days at sea, on 3 different expeditions.

Aida was recently awarded an IUSE-NSF grant to train teachers and advisers in Kansas as Geoscience Career Ambassadors.

Information about Aida's research publications is available here.

More information is also available on Aida's personal website.

Dr. Aida Farough