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Department of Geology

Matthew E. Brueseke

Ph.D., Miami University

Email: brueseke@ksu.edu

Matt joined the geology department in 2007, and teaches courses in introductory geology, mineralogy, igneous/metamorphic petrology, economic geology, and field geology. He has also taught structural geology and tectonics.

His main interests are focused around understanding how magmas form, are modified, and erupt, as well as tectonic controls on magmatism and precious metal mineralization. His research has been centered around the Cenozoic volcanic-sedimentary terranes of south-central Alaska, the northern Great Basin, and the Snake River Plain-Yellowstone province (including the greater Yellowstone region). His research is both field and lab-oriented; see his website for more information about his undergraduate and graduate research program and current projects and student mentees.

Information about Matt's research publications is available here.

More information is available on Matt's personal website.

Matt B