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Department of Geology

Faculty and Staff


Ms. Hunter Rose, Office Manager, huntress@k-state.edu


Dr. Claudia Adam, Assistant Professor, cadam@k-state.edu, geophysics

Dr. Matthew E. Brueseke, Professor, brueseke@k-state.edu, igneous petrology, volcanology, tectonics

Dr. Sabreen Gad, Assistant Professor, sabreen@k-state.edu, rock physics and application of remote sensing in geological mapping

Dr. Behzad Ghanbarian, Assistant Professor, ghanbarian@k-state.edupetrophysics, hydrogeology, engineering geology, hydrogeophysics

Dr. Karin Goldberg, Assistant Professor, kgoldberg@k-state.edu, sedimentology, petroleum geology, paleoclimatology

Ms. Colleen Gura, Teaching Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Advisor, cmb6767@ksu.edu

Dr. Pamela Kempton, Professor, Department Head, pkempton@k-state.edu, isotope geochemistry, igneous petrology

Dr. Matthew F. Kirk, Associate Professor, mfkirk@k-state.edu, geomicrobiology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, environmental geology

Dr. Brice Lacroix, Assistant Professor, blacroix@k-state.edu, structural geology, stable isotope geochemistry

Dr. Michael W. Lambert, Visiting Assistant Professor, mlambrt@k-state.edu, organic petrology, petroleum geology, sedimentology

Dr. Abdelmoneam Raef, Associate Professor, abraef@k-state.edu, applied geophysics, reservoir characterization, carbon sequestration

Dr. Joel Q.G. Spencer, Associate Professor, joelspen@k-state.edu, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) geochronology, Quaternary geology

Dr. Matthew W. Totten, Associate Professor, mtotten@k-state.edu, clastic sedimentary petrology, petroleum geology, sedimentology


Morteza Heydari, Postdoc, heydari@k-state.edu

Ritesh KumarPostdoc, ritesh1@k-state.edu


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Saugata DattaDatta's UTSA Website, Datta's K-State Website

Dr. David Pompeani - dpompeani@k-state.edu, paleoclimatology, environmental geology

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Sambhudas Chaudhuriksuncsc@k-state.edu, biogeochemistry, environmental geology, isotope geochemistry

Dr. George R. Clark, grc@k-state.edu, paleobiology

Dr. Robert L. Cullers, rcullers@k-state.edu, petrology and trace element geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary rocks, petrology and geochemistry of granites, kimberlites, and lamproites

Dr. Charles G. (Jack) Oviatt, oviatt@k-state.edu, surficial processes, Quaternary geology

Dr. Page C. Twiss, pctwiss@k-state.edu, carbonate sedimentology and petrology

Dr. Ronald R. West, rrwest@k-state.edu, Carboniferous stratigraphy and paleoecology, mid-continent geology, geology of Kansas