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Department of Geology

Faculty and Staff


Ms. Debra Wilcox, Administrative Specialist,  debwilcx@ksu.edu


Dr. Claudia Adam, Assistant Professor,  cadam@k-state.edu, geophysics

Dr. Matthew E. Brueseke, Associate Professor,  brueseke@k-state.edu, igneous petrology, volcanology, tectonics

Dr. Saugata Datta, Professor,  sdatta@k-state.edu, low-temperature geochemistry, hydrogeology, environmental geology

Dr. Aida Farough, Teaching Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Adviser,  afarough@k-state.edu, geophysics, hydrothermal processes, experimental reactive transport

Dr. Sabreen Gad, Assistant Professor,  sabreen@k-state.edu, rock physics and application of remote sensing in geological mapping

Dr. Behzad Ghanbarian, Assistant Professor, ghanbarian@ksu.edupetrophysics, hydrogeology, engineering geology, hydrogeophysics

Dr. Karin Goldberg, Assistant Professor, kgoldberg@k-state.edu, sedimentology, petroleum geology, paleoclimatology

Dr. Pamela Kempton, Professor, Department Head,  pkempton@k-state.edu, isotope geochemistry, igneous petrology

Dr. Matthew F. Kirk, Associate Professor, mfkirk@k-state.edu, geomicrobiology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, environmental geology

Dr. Brice Lacroix, Assistant Professor, blacroix@k-state.edu, structural geology, stable isotope geochemistry

Dr. Michael W. Lambert, Visiting Assistant Professor,  mlambrt@k-state.edu, organic petrology, petroleum geology, sedimentology

Dr. Keith B. Miller, Research Assistant Professor,  kbmill@k-state.edu, clastic sedimentology, science education and literacy

Dr. Abdelmoneam Raef, Associate Professor,  abraef@k-state.edu, applied geophysics, reservoir characterization, carbon sequestration

Dr. Joel Q.G. Spencer, Associate Professor,  joelspen@k-state.edu, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) geochronology, Quaternary geology

Dr. Matthew W. Totten, Associate Professor,  mtotten@k-state.edu, clastic sedimentary petrology, petroleum geology, sedimentology



Dr. Arash Kamari, Postdoc, arashk@k-state.edu, data science, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), petroleum geology

Dr. Harshad Kulkarni, Postdoc, civil engineering biogeochemical interaction of natural organic matter with arsenic in groundwater

Visiting Scholarship
Dr. Mohammad Abdelwahhab
Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Sambhudas Chaudhuriksuncsc@k-state.edu, biogeochemistry, environmental geology, isotope geochemistry

Dr. George R. Clark, grc@k-state.edu, paleobiology

Dr. Robert L. Cullers, petrology and trace element geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary rocks, petrology and geochemistry of granites, kimberlites, and lamproites

Dr. Charles G. (Jack) Oviatt, oviatt@k-state.edu, surficial processes, Quaternary geology

Dr. Page C. Twiss, carbonate sedimentology and petrology

Dr. Ronald R. West,  rrwest@k-state.edu, Carboniferous stratigraphy and paleoecology, mid-continent geology, geology of Kansas