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First Scholars

Meet the First Scholars

Get to know some of the current First Scholars!

Montezia Shakespear
She lived in Germany and, as of now, have traveled to 22 countries.


Callie Reynolds
Callie's studying psychology and gerontology. She hopes to get a masters in social work and work in a long-term care home for older adults one day. 

Rachel Meyers
Rachel is a pre-law senior studying sociology-criminology with a double minor in leadership and conflict analysis & trauma. After she graduates law school she dreams of being a personal injury/medical malpractice attorney in Texas

Kyle Wietharn
Kyle is a 3rd year student majoring in Architectural Engineering. He works for New Student Services where he schedules visits for prospective students so you may see him in the Berney Family Welcome Center or giving a campus tour!

Ansley Herzog
Ansley is a senior this year majoring in Human Resource Management with a minor in Leadership Studies. She enjoys helping others, traveling, and painting in my free time. 

Ashley Coleman
Ashley is a linguistics enthusiast and has traveled to Japan, Canada, and numerous places in Europe with even more trips scheduled in the future.

Zachory Allred
Zachory's a hospitality management and business major from Wichita Kansas. Fun fact, he has have a severe allergy to pickles.

Tanner Sipes
Tanner is a animal science major from Stafford, Kansas. He loves the outdoors and working with animals.

Ashley Weigel
Ashley's a sychology major from Shawnee, Kansas.  I have a passion for helping others.

Sequoyah Morabito
Sequoyah is studying biochemistry and has a pet beta fish named Richard.

Brandon Heide
Brandon is currently a fourth year architecture student minoring in entrepreneurship, and engaged in student life as a Resident Assistant in Marlatt Hall. He also enjoys woodworking, as well as filming and editing videos.


Shaylan Ballard
Shaylyn is majoring in snimal ecience and she grew up in the small town of Anthony, Kansas

Noah Aeillo 
Noah is majoring in mechanical engineering and hopes to work for Boeing or Lockheed-Martin as my career

Katie Gehring
Katie will be studying abroad in Spain next semester.

Jessie Carr
Jessie's roots are planted firmly in a small town with less than 700 people where she found a love of serving others.  However, she's been called to explore more than what she knows—her small town values have influenced her to serve bigger communities with a small town heart. After college, she will be doing a lot of traveling to find her new home where she will strive to make a difference. Oh and she as watched every episode  of “The Office” 3 times now.