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First Scholars

First Scholars® at K-State

The First Scholars® Program at K-State is an affiliate of the First Scholars Network of The Suder Foundation. Our comprehensive program was created to maximize student success by focusing on the holistic development of first-generation students during their college experience at K-State.

Scholars receive a $5,000 scholarship over four years for a total of $20,000. In addition, students will attend academic, social, cultural, leadership, and service activities, and be paired with an upper class student who will serve as a mentor. The goal of our program is to increase the four-year graduation rate for first-generation students.

Each year focuses on an annual theme and targeted learning objectives that evolve from year to year:

Freshman year: Connecting to Campus

Sophomore year: Optimizing the College Experience

Junior year: Expanding Career and Community Opportunities

Senior year: Transitioning to the Future