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Office of First-generation Students



Green graduation cordsThe Office of First-generation Students supports students who are first in their families to graduate from a four-year college by connecting them to campus resources, coordinating efforts across the University to serve them and fostering a first-generation community. A program within the Office of Student Success, we support university wide SEM goals and K-State 2025 Visionary plan goals by establishing and tracking objectives related to retention, degree completion, and academic achievement.


As the state’s land grant University, K-State strives to be recognized as the lead first-generation student friendly institution in the state, providing easily accessible information, assistance, resources and programming to students, and serve as a model for other universities across the nation. We hope to regain our strong base of first-generation student enrollments from 24% to 30%. Concurrently, our goal is to close the achievement gap between first-generation and continuing-generation students. 


First-generation students are defined as those whose neither parent or guardian earned a four-year degree, and make up more than 25% of the undergraduate population at K-State. Funded through a generous donation from the Suder Foundation in June of 2018, the Office offers support to first-generation students by coordinating efforts across campus to close the achievement gap to degree completion at K-State. The Office works closely with the Higher Learning Commission Quality Initiative Committee (HLC) which serves in an advisory role with the goal of increasing the recruitment, retention and graduation rate of first-generation students.

The office serves as a model for universities across the country — informed and inspired through a unique partnership with the NASPA Center for First Generation Student Success, another key program funded by the Suder Foundation. K-State was designated to be a First Forward Institution in recognition of demonstrated commitment to improving experiences and advancing outcomes of first-generation college students. Furthermore, K-State was assigned an advisory and leadership role within the First Forward Midwest Regional Community comprised of eight other institutions.