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Discover the K-State Principles of Community

K-State First
Kansas State University
014 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Drive N.
Manhattan, KS 66506


Establish your foundation for success.

We are here for you!

Our K-State First team is mostly working remotely at this time, but we are always quick to respond. Contact us by email kstatefirst@k-state.edu or phone (785) 532-1501. We are happy to set up appointments to meet in our Holton 14 office as well.

Visit COVID-19 Updates for information and answers to frequently asked questions.

A great college experience starts with a great first year.

K-State First is the University's first-year experience program, our way of helping students establish a great foundation for the rest of their college career.

We offer first-year seminar courses and learning communities designed specifically for first-year students only. We are the home for the University's common reading program, K-State First Book (KSFB), and a one-on-one mentoring program, Guide to Personal Success (GPS), that connects new students with other members of the K-State family. In everything we do, K-State First is deeply committed to academic excellence, community, diversity, and the empowerment of students. Check out our informational brochure and flyer for additional information.

We're also here to help. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know at kstatefirst@k-state.edu. We'd love to hear from you.

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10th Anniversary Logo

K-State First 10th Anniversary

With current events surrounding COVID-19 and the disruption of normal operations, our 10th Anniversary events and fundraising plans look a bit different this fall. So many K-Staters are finding ways to support, inspire, celebrate, serve, and care for our students, our colleagues, and our broader community. We are continuing our work to increase access to our high impact programs through scholarship opportunities, we want to help meet the needs of our students and friends right now during this unprecedented upheaval. If you are interested in and able to give to our campaign, please click below:

While our 10th Anniversary events will look a bit different this fall, we still have some exciting opportunities for engagement and learning! One of the great benefits this year is that you'll be able to join in from anywhere in the world. We look forward to "seeing" you there:

We have had such a great time celebrating 10 years of our K-State First program and its impact on student success so far this year. Our 10th Anniversary Celebration Kick-Off event allowed us the opportunity to see all of the ways we are supported by and connected to our university and local community, we highlighted the amazing work being done by students and faculty/staff at our awards banquet, and several of the teachers that are a part of our program shared their experiences with failure and resiliency at this year's Spotlight K-State. We are also so thankful and appreciative of all the amazing support and donations we've received for our #10for10 scholarship campaign!