Residential CAT Communities

What is a Residential CAT Community?

A group of students in front of a building dressed up in various cosplayResidential CAT communities provide an added opportunity for first-year students to connect with others who share your academic interests by placing you in the same on-campus residence hall or residence community. Like our other CAT Communities, about 22 first-year students take a group of classes together, but you'll live, eat, sleep, study, and socialize near each other, too! Your Residential Learning Assistants will also live in the same hall or community. Students enrolled in Residential CAT Communities are also able to select their rooms earlier than other incoming first-year students, in mid-April.

If you are interested in enrolling in a Residential CAT Community, read through the page below and indicate which Residential CAT Community you would like to be a part of on your Housing contract, or email us at for help making those changes. For more information about the room styles available within the halls, you can also Explore Your Options on the Housing and Dining site.

You can also work with your advisor during your Advising Appointment to get connected if you aren't sure which option is right for you!

Fall 2024:

Below are the Residential CAT Communities for Fall 2024. Click on the titles for more information about each one.


In a Residential CAT Community, first-year students:
  • Take two general education courses and one connections course with the same 22 students
  • Are housed in the same Residence Halls or Residence Communities (Kramer, Derby, or Strong)
  • Have the opportunity to work with an undergraduate Residential Learning Assistant, who lives just down the hall and offers academic and social support
  • Learn from engaging and empathetic professors
  • Participate in social and educational activities related to shared interests inside and outside of the classroom
Is a Residential CAT Community for you?

The Residential Community may be a good fit for you if...

    • You are looking for a first-year college experience that will maximize academic and social opportunities, through both a community of dedicated students and talented faculty
    • You are interested in the classes and themes of this year’s Residential CAT Community offerings
    • You wish to reserve a space in one of our popular on campus Residence Halls
Learn more about Residential CAT Communities and how they work within Housing and Dining!

Check out the 2024-2025 Housing Contract Webinar to learn more about how to get connected to Residential CAT Communities!