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K-State First Book

The first book program is designed to provide a common experience to help first-year students grow academically and socially, and share something with all other first year students along with our broader campus community each year.

Nyle DiMarco is central on the cover of his book, Deaf Utopia. He smiles at the camera

2024 Book: Deaf Utopia - Nyle DiMarco

"'Deaf Utopia' is more than a memoir, it is a cultural anthem β€” a proud and defiant song of Deaf culture and a love letter to American Sign Language, Nyle's primary language. Through his stories and those of his Deaf brothers, parents, and grandparents, Nyle opens many windows into the Deaf experience.

With a passion for language, literacy and advocacy within the deaf community and beyond, Nyle shares his barrier-breaking story as a deaf man who has risen above stereotypes to take the world by storm. Believing that his deafness is β€œan asset rather than a limitation,” he builds a bridge between the deaf and hearing by shining a light on not only the struggles, but also the triumphs of the deaf culture. Above all, Nyle shows audiences that with a sense of community, commitment to your goals, and belief in yourself, you can accomplish anything."

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We are accepting nominations for the 2025-26 common book. We are looking for books that meet the theme:

  • Opportunities and Freedom - Books that ask us to celebrate and be curious about the stories, people, and events that help shape our perspectives on what freedom means to us and define who we are.
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