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Graduate Practicum/Internship Opportunities

K-State First has a variety of opportunities for graduate practicum experiences. Whether you want to explore more in-depth what first-year curriculum and programming look like, get connected to assessment practices or event planning, explore communications needs for current and prospective students, and much more, we can find the right project for you. We will help to connect you to resources and network with colleagues across campus as you build your skills as a higher ed professional.

Application Process

Email kstatefirst@ksu.edu with your practicum needs and specific interest in our program, and we will work to to get you connected to the right professional supervisor on our team to guide your experience.

Student Assistant(s) with K-State First

The student worker(s) with K-State First serve as core members of the K-State First team. This position provides an important experiential learning opportunity in which undergraduate students develop leadership, communication, and collaboration skills through a program that aims to support students’ academic and social development during their first semester of college. This position also works as an important part of the K-State First team to share stories of our impact and provide an outstanding first-year experience to new students in our other core functions, such as our recruitment and outreach efforts to prospective students and the K-State First Book common reading program. This is a part-time, $9 an hour (10-15 hours/week) paid position, with the possibility of a 0.25 cent raise after each semester worked with K-State First.

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Application Process

For more information or to apply, please email kstatefirst@ksu.edu or call us at (785) 532-1501.

EDCEP 111 and DAS 100 Instructors

Each year, we seek qualified instructors to teach EDCEP 111 Foundations of College Student Success and DAS 100 Introduction to K-State Culture. In fall 2025, we will offer several sections of EDCEP 111 Foundations of College Student Success as a high-energy, active-learning First-Year Seminar that meets twice a week. For first-year students only, this course is designed to introduce students to K-State and teach them the skills they will need to thrive in a college learning environment. The fall 2025 schedule will also include sections of DAS 100 Introduction to K-State Culture. These First-Year Seminars provide an introduction to the intellectual and cultural life of the university and support in the transition to college-level learning and college life.

K-State First is looking for faculty, student life professionals or advisors at K-State who have experience working with new students and an interest in new student success. Instructors of EDCEP 111 will receive professional training, a stipend of $2,000 that can be taken as professional development funds or salary, and the support of an undergraduate learning assistant. DAS 100 faculty will also receive training, a $2,000 stipend and complimentary admission to the performances and events on the fall DAS 100 schedule.

Application Process

If you're interested in the position or want to nominate someone, please complete a short application online and submit there a one-page curriculum vita or your resume by Friday, Feb. 7, 2025.

Instructor Application

Alternatively, you may apply by sending a one-page letter of interest and CV or resume to Brianne Heidbreder at heidbr@ksu.edu prior to the deadline.

Graduate Assistant Positions

The Graduate Assistant (GA) with K-State First serves as a core member of the K-State First team. Each year, the K-State First program oversees ~50 Learning Assistants - undergraduate peer mentors who are embedded into first-year courses. The key responsibilities for the Graduate Assistant with K-State First will be to supervise a group of these Learning Assistants, co-facilitate Learning Assistant training, and continually assess the effectiveness of the Learning Assistant training and professional development program. This GA also works as an important part of the K-State First team to provide an outstanding first-year experience to new students in our other core functions, such as the K-State First Book common reading program, New Student Convocation, and our recruitment efforts. For more information, you can download our position description.

Application Process

K-State has many Academic Success and Student Affairs-related graduate assistant positions available and is seeking applicants. To apply for an open graduate assistant position, please visit the Student Affairs website  to view open positions and information regarding the application and interview process.  

Gain relevant skills in student development, leadership, program management and more! The benefits include in-state tuition, 0.5FTE position paid bi-weekly and the option to enroll in health insurance. Opportunities are available through Academic & Career Engagement, Community Building, Student Belonging & Inclusion, and Student Support & Accountability.

After viewing open positions, please complete the online application at the link below. You will upload one resume, one cover letter, and one list of references. Applications are due by Monday, February 3  at noon.

Graduate Assistant Position Application

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Kevin Cook at kcook@ksu.edu.