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Online Payment Tutorial

There are two online payment methods available and this tutorial addresses both. Paying by credit card incurs a convenience fee (2.9% for the first $3,000.00 and then 2.15% after that) as seen in steps 10 and 11.  Paying by electronic payment out of a checking account is free of charge (see step 12.)

Important Rules to Remember for Electronic Payment out of a Checking Account:

  • 1) You will need to have a regular checking account, not a money market account
  • 2) Use the account number directly printed on the check
  • 3) Do not use the account number printed on your check card or ATM card



Step 1: Log On

You need to log into KSIS using you eID and Password. Go to https://ksis.k-state.edu, enter your eID and Password and click Sign in to log into KSIS.

Step 2:

You will see your Student Homepage for KSIS. Click on the Financial Account to go to the next screen.

Step 2


Step 3: Click on the "Pay Now/Direct Deposit" link on the Account Balance screen

Step 3


Step 4: Click on the "Pay Now/Direct Deposit" link on the SF Account Activity screen

Step 4


Step 5: The eBill web site

Once you have been redirected to the eBill web site, you will need to click on "Make A Payment" to access the page that will allow you to choose which bill you wish to pay.


Step 6: Choose what you want to pay.

After you click on "Make A Payment", eBill will will take you to the page below where you will need to click what you would like to pay at the right.


Step 7: Enter the amount to pay and add to shopping basket.

Once you choose what you want to pay, a screen will come up and ask you to enter the amount to pay. Click "Add to Shopping Basket" to continue.


Step 8: Click "Continue Shopping" to add more items, or click "Checkout" to checkout.

Step 9: Select Payment Method

Select the payment method you wish to use and then click "Continue Checkout".

Step 10: Credit Card Payment Method

Please note that if you do want to use a credit card, you will be charged a service charge of 2.9% for the first $3,000 of your payment amount, and then 2.15% after that. If you still want to proceed, put the check in by "I acknowledge that..." and click "Continue Checkout" otherwise click the back button on your browser.

Step 11: Credit Card Payment Method (Continued)

Enter all the credit card information below if you have chosen to use one and then click "Continue Checkout" and follow the rest of the online instructions.

Credit Card Payment

Step 12: ACH Payment Method

Enter all the necessary bank account information in the screen below and then click "Continue Checkout" and follow the rest of the online instructions..