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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Committees

Executive Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Access, Inclusion, and Identity Committee - Begins Fall 2022

Faculty Affairs Committee

Professional Staff Affairs- Began October 2013

FSCOT (Faculty Senate Committee on Technology)

FSCOUP (Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning)

Faculty Senate Subcommittees
Salaries and Fringe Benefits Committee (2090)
University Handbook & Policy Committee (2095)
Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures (CAPP) (3010)
Bachelor's Degree Completion Program Advisory Committee (3020)
   - Dissolved April 2015
Undergraduate Grievance Committee (3030) - University Handbook, Appendix V
University Calendar Committee (3035)
University Library Committee (3040)

Upcoming committee meetings

Executive Committee: Fall 2023

Academic Affairs: Fall 2023

Faculty Affairs: Fall 2023

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Access, Inclusion, and Identity: Fall 2023

Professional Staff Affairs: Fall 2023

FSCOT: Fall 2023

FSCOUP: Fall 2023