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Campus Memorials

In the early 1870's, the KSU campus was described as a "cheerless, treeless wasteland". One of the major reasons for purchasing the campus in 1871 was the quality of the soils on the site. Through the leadership of Reverend Elbridge Gale (1870-1879), Professor E.A. Popenoe (1879-1895), and Professor L.R. Quinlan (1927-1963), the campus was transformed into an arboretum. At one time more than 700 different species of woody plants thrived on our campus. Because of construction projects and the effects of time, that number has dwindled to 225. To take the campus arboretum into the 21st century with a renewed beauty and freshness, hundreds of trees and shrubs are needed.

A map of the current memorials is available for visitors to campus or family members wishing to visit an established memorial

The following lists allow you to peruse the many memorials placed upon the KSU campus. Simply choose between Plantings, Structures, and War Memorials, and you will be presented with a list that can take you to a map showing each memorial's location.

Comprehensive Memorial Map

Memorial Plantings

Memorial Structures

War Memorials

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